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Dec 19, 2017

The guys minus Ed open up the season 1 finale by discussing the 3 time reigning Eastern Conference Champion Cavaliers who return to DC.  Joel Embiid talk after he and Sixers played OKC (12:18).  Round-up of Georgetown losing steam late against Syracuse (15:54) and a behind the curtain look at how major conference teams...

Dec 12, 2017

The guys recap the lunacy in LA for the Wizards as they fall victim to the little known NBA's Tough Sh*t Rule.  Early NBA MVP talk (9:38), update on John Wall (18:50), Kevin Durant ejection issues (25:16).  Then they shift to college, including Gary's thoughts on the Boston College upset of Duke (32:27).  Ed gives his...

Dec 5, 2017

The guys recap the latest in the NBA, then get to the early upsets on the college season. Mid major teams continually shopping for the right conference, Wizards employ Hack a Ben Simmons in Philly, and more. Plus, Gary Williams on the Gone in 54 seconds game from 2001.

Nov 28, 2017

Andy Pollin guests hosts this week along with the guys to recap a busy holiday week of basketball.  Alabama almost wins with just 3 players, Michael Porter out for the year for Missouri.  Then Chris joins the show from Syracuse as the Terps visit the Orange.  He gives the report from Maryland's play down in northern...

Nov 21, 2017

The guys talk about what seems to be the beginning of the  1 and done era.  Ed explains the development of the G League.  They discuss the start of college basketball season, Gary's observations on modern defense and more. Plus, another edition of What's Ticking You Off at the end.